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Do you feel difficult in learning Chinese language? Do not worry! There are a lot of good home Chinese tutors in MyTutionGuru. They are able to provide effective Chinese tuition for all levels. MyTuitiongur is a trusted Chinese tuition agency in Singapore. If you’re taking PSLE, O-Level or A-Level Chinese, we will match you a qualifed Chinese language tutor to meet your needs!

In Chinese language Tuition, our objectives are to teach our students to use the Chinese language in correct ways and right grammars, to express themselves with ease and great confidence. The students will be able to read and listen Chinese, but also they can even master speaking and writing Chinese. Every student learns to use the language freely, without fear or discomfort even in their daily life. By practicing Chinese language comfortably, the students can learn Chinese much easier.

MyTuitionGuru has a strong team of Qualifed Chinese tutors. You can look for MOE-teachers in MyTuitionGuru. You can also find experienced private Chinese tutors who have great experience working in Chinese education centres, teaching the Mandarin Chinese language. They are teaching Chinese languages to all levels from kindergarten, primary school Chinese to secondary school and junior college higher Chinese. Our tutors's rate is reasonable. Most Chinese tutor has flexible teaching time to meet your at your preferred plact and time. If you like to study in Chinese tuition centres, we can also recommend you with trusted tuition centres.
  • Creative writing for Chinese Language
  • It is a good habit for students to practice writing. When they use to Chinese writing, students can easily solve the problem of writing difficulties. Tutors / teachers will teach them many “good words and sentence for beginning and ending”, so that students will fall in love with Chinese writing.

  • Knowledge-intensive classes
  • Tutors are using the latest outline of the MOE - Ministry of Education to teach the students. Our tutoring will improve the students’ test scores , to help students achieve excellent results. Students will practive exam papers intensively.

  • Chinese Idiom fun course
  • All Chinese idiom have very interesting stories inside, the students learn not just idioms, they can learn the traditional Chinese culture as well. Some interesting Chinese learning methods such as Idiom Solitaire, idiom Lianlian, will help students learn Chinese in a pleasant atmosphere, so the students can easily accumulate Chinese knowledge.

  • Read interesting Chinese story books
  • Books are the ladders for hunman progress. In the ocean of the Chinese knowldege, Reading cultivates students to read,comprehend and learn knowledges. With a lot of reading, students lay the foundation for comprehension, so that in the future, students can easily deal with all the reading test.

  • Knowledge enhancement course
  • No matter which level from P1-P6, Sec1-Sec4, O Level, to A Level, university level, the knowledge-enhancement classes can help students to solve the part of knowledge which they have learned in the classroom but did not understand. If you need practice a lot to achieve better results, You may find a qualified tutor to help you.


Emilly Blunt

December 4, 2017 at 3:12 pm

Never say goodbye till the end comes!

Elsie Cunningham

December 4, 2017 at 3:12 pm

My can score much higher now after joining the creative writing tuition!

Maria Luna

December 4, 2017 at 3:12 pm

The teacher forced us to practice Chinese with my kids at home now! I like this advice. I hope my kid can get higher score during the PSLE!

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